Welcome at Nasoni-Records and our webshop - Our Record-Label is specialized in Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Stoner Rock, 60/70ies Retro and Experimental Rock.

We love the sound of vinyl, and have been specializing in producing LP's since 1996.

Dear friends of Nasoni-Records,

We are very sorry to inform you that due to Covid-19 small deliveries to the USA and Australia are not possible at the moment. The shipping costs have quintupled due to the unavailability of transportation. Larger orders (about 8 LP's) can still be shipped. For all other customers deliveries are still possible, but there will be delays.

We hope for a change soon. Stay healthy, everyone! 

The Nasoni-Records-Team 

New : LuCiFeR SiDeBuRNS "The Blues Are Back In Black" Vinyl / Sirkus ''This World Below'' Vinyl-EP / Aunt Cynthia's Cabin ''Misty Woman'' Vinyl / Numidia "Numidia" 2nd press green Vinyl / Johnny & The Rotten ''Down The Rabbit Hole'' LP Vinyl / Bag Of Nails "The Wolf Inside Me" LP / Congulus "Bozkir" DLP / White Coven "Overseas" DLP / In This Style "Craft" Vinyl / CD / The Mothercrow "Magara" LP / Liquid Orbit "Games Of Promises" Vinyl / CD




Orange Amber/ Aschaffenburg (Germany)


Suzztain Open Air - Cosmic Dawn / Jena (Germany)

Liquid Orbit

Bremer Krautsalat Festival im Meisenfrei/ Bremen (Germany)