Liquid Orbit

2023 Nasoni 231

Spontaneous Floating Rock Creations

Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental | Krautrock

180g black HQ-Vinyl / CD - Digipack, planned release date on March 21 , 2023

After the two albums "Liquid Orbit" and "Game Of Promises" now follows the third album.

This is a very special Liquid Orbit album: Until now they have presented solely composed songs with carefully framed arrangements and well developed lyrics. During the lockdown time the band had no opportunity to play together, so they listened to hours and hours of recorded jam-sessions and everybody was so excited about all this spontaneous created music, that the idea was born to release some of it, this is the result.
Every track on this album was fully improvised, nothing was planned. Everything was created in the moment, including the spontaneously-composed sung verses, in which the sound qualities and shapes of the syllables dominate; a veritable stream-of-consciousness which fuses mind and music together. There are no additional overdubs!

Bandwebsite: Liquid Orbit

Interview with ''It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine''

Label: Nasoni
LP ltd 300 pcs. black 180g-HQ-Vinyl incl. download card 
CD ltd 300 pcs. Digipack 
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