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Nasoni-Records was founded 27 years ago. At that time, rock music with the sound of 1965-72 had largely disappeared in Europe and was no longer en vogue. Rock music was very rarely produced on vinyl. Nevertheless, Hans-Georg Bier and his wife at the time took the initiative and pursued their dream of running their own vinyl label. The founder and many of the pioneers of Nasoni-Records have already left this earth. With them, a great deal of knowledge about music history, an attitude to life and a way of life has also been lost. It was the generation that witnessed the rise of rock'n'roll, also the heyday of rock and did not want to be satisfied with it's demise.

Today we see Nasoni-Records as one of many small labels that keep the sound that the founders of the label and we also liked alive, plus producing it on vinyl. Today, music is available everywhere and all the time, no matter what era or style you prefer. In our opinion, bands can achieve much more today with relatively few resources than they could 27 years ago. That is why we have decided to stop production and make room for the next generation.

But our web store will remain open for you. We will also be presenting an album from a new band that we like from time to time. Furthermore, you will always find discounts and special offers at the store. We would like to thank all the bands for their trust and all those who have supported us over the years, either at work or as loyal customers.

R.I.P. Nasoni-Records

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