Welcome at Nasoni-Records and our new webshop - Our Record-Label is specialized in Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Stoner Rock, 60/70ies Retro and Experimental Rock.

We love the sound of vinyl, and have been specializing in producing LP's since 1996.

All new releases since Nasoni-Records No. 192 appear as 180g-HQ-vinyl in the gatefold cover. For international buyers, it is cheaper to buy two LP's because the shipping price for one or two LP's is the same. We ship worldwide.


New: White Coven "Overseas" DLP / In This Style "Craft" Vinyl / CD / The Mothercrow "Magara" LP / Liquid Orbit "Games Of Promises" Vinyl / CD ; Numidia "Numidia" Vinyl / CD ; Have Blue "When The Flowers Get Teeth" Vinyl / CD ; Arno Boytel's Special Deliverance "Mystic Dance" LP


Enjoy browsing through our releases.



Kulturbahnhof/ Jena (Germany)

Johnny And The Rotten

Winter Void Fest / Regensburg (Germany)

Johnny And The Rotten

Praha / ( Czech Republic)

Johnny And The Rotten

Bilina / ( Czech Republic)

Johnny And The Rotten

Toast Hawaii / Berlin (Germany)