Garden Of Worm

2022 Nasoni 228

Endless Garden

Style: 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage | 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental | Krautrock

ltd. edition 300 pcs. 180g clear HQ-vinyl, gatefold cover, incl. Downloadcard / release date on July 18 , 2022

"Endless Garden" is the third album from "Garden Of Worm". Having released their eponymous debut slab of doom metal under Shadow Kingdom Records in 2010 and having taken their sonic palette into a trajectory of their own on the 2015 sophomore album Idle Stones (Svart Records), third album "Endless Garden" arrives after another long pause after its predecessor.

Six years in the making, their third album "Endless Garden" once again sees the band through different eyes than their previous two full-length efforts. The on-and-off process really took flight in 2018 when they recruited Antti Korpinen as their second guitarist. Around the same time, JM Suvanto decided to step down as the drummer and left the band a three-piece once again with Erno Taipale now doubling as both drummer and lead guitarist. Lead vocals and bass remained in the steady hands of Sami Harju.

Having known each other for more than 20 years, the trio was on the same page from day one. Their goal was to create a solid and timeless rock album that was more ambitious and adventurous than its two predecessors. An album that stood tall, feet firmly in the muddy earth and hands reaching towards the sky.

Recorded with the help of another longtime friend Tommi Lind and mixed by themselves between 2019 - 2021, "Endless Garden" opens wide into spheres of rock, psych, improv and prog - and beyond. Enter sweet oblivion.

The vinyl mastering was done from Patrick Stäudle ( SIRKUS ).

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Label: Nasoni
LP ltd. edition 180g clear HQ-Vinyl 300pcs. 
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