2021 LHC 082


Style: Pearls from the Past | 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental | Krautrock

The late sixties witnessed a colourful and lively rock music scene in the Franconian region of Greater Nuremberg/Erlangen. At that time, Steve (Bernd) Leistner was already touring as soloist (vocals/guitar) and lead singer with the Nuremberg band 'Faction'. He had enjoyed his first taste of success in the region, and in 1968 Faction won the 'Nuremberg Beat Band City Championship'. 'Bentox', among them four original Wind members, had existed since 1964. They passed for Erlangen's best band and were the recognized local heroes. In 1969 they got themselves into a so called East-Asia tour, which turned out to be a six-months troop-entertainment (with two shows daily at the very frontline) in the Vietnam war. In the end they were cheated out of their pay and even had to hawk their instruments and the equipment to pay for the flight back to Germany. This washout made a new start and the future quite difficult financially, and fighting for survival became their daily bread.

Label: Long Hair Music
LP LHC 082 
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