Zaphire Oktalogue

2008 NASONI 077


Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

Zaphire Oktalogue, 3 friends, between 15 and 20, mix up their different tastes and abilities to make their own incisive kind of progressive music. Playing for nearly a year, their music combines energetic Blues-Rock with pieces of overflowing Post Rock , drifty and danceable parts with huge atmospheric influences, crosses Weird Folk elements with a psychedelical 60s flair and has always an intensive sense for melodies and a dash of pop. On their debut album “zaphire oktalogue” they present their individual sound, created by Philip Meloí´s hypnotical avant guitar play, the high voltage drum rhythms by Robert Herz and the sensitive melodic lines by bass and singer Benno Herz. In only one year they have found their very own sound.

Label: Nasoni
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