2018 LHC 203/4


Style: Pearls from the Past | Krautrock

For the first time on Vinyl these are Kollektivs´ legendary recordings in summer of 1973 at Broadcast studio in Germany immediately after the recordings of their first album for famous German label Brain. In addition to these broadcast recordings there is a one sided bonus track from their live tour in 1973, an extraordinary incredible epic version of one of the famous tracks of their first album 'Rambo Zambo', over twenty-four minutes long. Besides that there are three titles which never find the way on vinyl, called TAMBOURA , SUBO and MOLLZITTER. The first incarnation of Kollektiv is the best one. The band`s music style is hard to describe. You will rock rock-blues, jazz and pop elements electronically alienated by echo, ring modulators, octavoice, vibrators and sound filters. Since their formation in early 1970 their music had attracted a growing number of fans and until 1975, when this first formation split up, the group had played in nearly every club in Germany. This two album set comes with comprehensive story and photos on a four sided cover-size booklet. The sound has been especially remastered for the vinyl issue and is brilliant. This is for sure one of the best Long Hair releases ever. Don´t miss it. Highly recommended!

Label: Long Hair Music
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