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2018 Oak Island Records 22

The Dunes

THE ALBUM Recorded over 2 weeks at Twin Earth Studios, Adelaide SA. We're a live band, what you hear is us in a room, playing together. There are minimal overdubs - what we try to present recorded is what we play live. John at Twin Earth has all the vintage gear you could ask for. The album itself was recorded to tape, then bounced over into the digital realm, allowing us to add colour the tracks in post. A bit of extra guitar here, a bit of shakers there. We managed to get the beds of the tracks down in 2 days, and at the time Stacie was sick. It was all done with eye contact and memory of the songs. Of course there are jam out moments, but those that have seen us live know that sometimes we can get stuck in the song for as long as it takes us to get out. What we wanted was an album that most closely captured us playing live, and i think Brett has done that with the mix. When asked what kind of mix we wanted, the answer was simple; make it big and get weird. I think he succeeded. THE SONGS All the songs are born out of jam sessions. Every now and then one of us will come to our rehearsal studio with an idea, but the majority of the time all it takes is a riff or a drum pattern to see an idea born. MUSICAL INFLUENCES A healthy dose of The Doors and The Velvet Underground, with a splash of The Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Wooden Shjips.

LP ltd. 200 pcs. clear vinyl 
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