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2018 Artifact 58


France's premium psychedelic jammers DOMADORA return with their long-awaited third full-length 'Lacuna'.

'Lacuna' commonly refers to the 'empty space' or 'void' from which everything takes shape. The void is at the beginning of everything: matter and time, light, sound and art. It is the starting point of the artwork. It just takes the scratching a match of creativity inside the void to generate an idea, a note, a melody ... and feelings as well as emotions are born. So how is an idea born? Where does it come from? A Big Bang. Music is a way to reach mind elevation. DOMADORA's music intends to put the willing listener into a state of trance and reach a state of elevation.

'Lacuna' is different from DOMADORA's two previous albums and recorded far from the auditoriums of 'Tibetan Monk' (2013) and 'The Violent Mystical Sukuma' (2016). DOMADORA is convinced that context directly influences the intuitions and colours of improvised music. That's the reason why the band has made the choice to record this album on an isolated farm in western France. Therefore, a very strong human experience and geographical isolation are on the list of ingredients of this album

LP 100 pcs. black vinyl 
LP 200 pcs. white/black marbled vinyl 
EUR 19,00
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