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2018 QIR 25




A surreal mix of very slow Hawaiian lap-steel scores played in open tunings and huge sludge/doom riffs with a bluesy feeling. It's as if Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath were jamming with Earth and Sleep on a Hawaiian beach at sunset.

In 2015 Boggio Nattero started experimenting with lapsteel guitars playing around with open tunings, and the result was a bunch of riffs which sounded like a relaxing Caribbean movie soundtrack with a feeling of impending doom. As Fabio Cuomo listened to these home recordings, he was inspired to  involve fellow doomster, Stefano Parodi on bass, whom he'd already shared many musical projects with.

As the songs took shape, the trio decided to record an album and ended up doing so at El Fish Studio in Genova in July 2016 (Summer of Doom), where MOBULAR was recorded, mixed & mastered by Emi Cioncoloni in total relaxation.

The Artwork and Graphic Layout is curated by the artist Jessica Rassi/The Giant's Lab.



Label: Oak Island Records
LP 200pcs. black vinyl 
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