Mountain Tamer

2018 Nasoni 199

Godfortune - Dark Matters

"Mountain Tamer's  second studio release, “ Godfortune // Dark Matters”, is a bold departure for the band, trading their traditional psychedelic rock roots for the powerful minimalism of doom. The lyrics and instrumentation expand into darker territories and soundscapes, while still retaining an undeniable groove that was  omnipresent on their first release. As heavy as it is psychedelic, the themes of the album range from social and religious injustice to the underworld of the occult. Godfortune// Dark Matters offers a refreshing, modern spin on a genre steeped in tradition.

LP 300 ltd, clear 180g HQ-vinyl gate-fold cover incl. insert--NASONI 199 
EUR 19,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

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