Tears In Rain

2016 NASONI 172

Stop To Reach

Style: 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage

From Barcelona, the Art Rock trio TEARSINRAIN releases STOP TO REACH: a complete work with punchy vocals, strength and a committed and well composed letters. The instrumental part is very remarkable, it all sounds perfectly, with much violence and energy ... the sound is very well produced, and the guitars sound angry, along with a powerful and well-marked rhythm. But above all stands out Jim 's voice , a voice more melodic and mellow parts , other more rabid and aggressive ...perfectly suited to different shades and tones. TEARS IN RAIN is a very promising band and deserves recognition. They've got quality and attitude and that's not easy today in this difficult music market.” (Rubén Montejo from Metal Korner) 'There are no remarkable tracks since it is something outstanding, one of those albums that surprises once every 5 years. Rarely a disc can engage in such a way and have such good material in the overall package. Tears in Rain offers skill and power but also offers a music made with love and with great feeling, if we add up all the pieces the result, as I said before, is outstanding.' (Rubén Herrera from La Habitación 235)

Label: Nasoni
LP 300 strictly ltd, colour vinyl with insert 
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