Stoned Jesus

2015 NASONI 161


Style: 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage | Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

"The undoubtedly most hyped stoner/psychedelic band from Eastern Europe, Stoned Jesus, returns with its third full-length entitled ""The Harvest"". Moving away from their doom-metal roots, musicians now look for inspiration both in prog-rock and grunge, which results in tracks as experimental as soaring ""Black Church"" epic. With future classic like ""YFS"" and multi-layered ""Silkworm Confessions"", ""The Harvest"" is cementing Stoned Jesus' fame as one of the leading bands within the genre - and beyond!"

Label: Nasoni
LP black vinyl with insert sold out 
LP 100 colour vinyl with insert sold out 

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