Space Invaders

2015 NASONI 165


Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock

"After two live albums and the reduction of their line-up, the Space Invaders decided to record a studio album. So in 2014 the four musicians locked themselves in to spend three days in the studio where they went on an interstellar journey. The result is 'Dreadnought': a studio album consisting of 80 minutes of space rock which represents the advancement of the band to a higher level. Freely improvised music, recorded under the conditions of a live album, produced by Matt Korr (Tiamat). No overdubs or edits keep the spontaneous character of the album. Dreadnought contains the well-known song ""Hexensabber"", which the band dedicated to an alien who had come to visit them during their stay in the studio. The alien gave them the necessary support and inspired them to their free improvisations."

Label: Nasoni
DLP black vinyl sold out 
DLP 300 strictly ltd, colour vinyl sold out 
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