2018 NASONI 197

New Belief

Style: 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage | Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

Sixcircles are a new Italian duo formed by Sara B. (Messa, Restos Humanos) and Giorgio T. (Elevators to the Grateful Sky, Furious Georgie, Assumption etc.) whose purpose is to conjure the spectres of acid rock, folk and dark psychedelic music to make them dance by the moonlight. Their first oeuvre, "New Belief", is a compendium of sombre rock dirges, moments of pure light and lysergic, mind-expanding effluviums.

For fans of The Black Angels, Loop, Mark Lanegan, Syd Barrett, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dead Meadow, the 13th Floor Elevators

Label: Nasoni
LP 300 pcs. blue colored 180g HQ-Vinyl, gatefold cover 
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