2020 NASONI 213

This World Below

Style: 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

ltd. edition 3x100 pcs. 180g HQ-vinyl incl A5 Card, planned release date on February 27, 2020

Special audiophile 45rpm EP Collectors edition

,,What are they doing in heave today? - I don't know but it's ny business to stay here and sing about it.''

We neither know what they're doing in heaven, nor do we want to know that in the very religious way that Reverend Washington Phillips does.

So the question arises why we – as band SIRKUS – recorded four Christian gospel songs. Even though all six of us were raised in a more Christian way, we don't consider ourselves religious. On the other hand, we've often worked deeply religious or spiritual music like gospel or blues over the years.

We are fascinated by their transcendental asüects and by how they portray moment of personal empowerment in times of struggle. Whether in the here and now, materially or metaphysically.

Thes issues have always been present for us when playing songs such as they are released here on the 12'' Maxi Single. Musically, the tension between our roots in blues and gospel and our previous development towards Krautrock, Afro-Psychedelica and Electronica is reflected in this record.

Bandwebsite: Sirkus

Label: Nasoni
LP 100 pcs. crystal clear 180g HQ-Vinyl 
LP 100 pcs. violett 180g HQ-Vinyl 
LP 100 pcs. black 180g HQ-Vinyl 

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