2018 Artifact 55


Style: Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

Coming together with heavy grooves and fearless melodies, Magmakammer set out to deliver a real sonic beating. The spectrum of their sound is wide and their width of inspiration as well, ranging from The Beatles, Zeppelin and Hendrix to classic doom and stoner acts like Electric Wizard and Sleep.

The whole idea behind the band started out as a bedroom project by vocalist and guitarist Ulrik sometime in 2014. Wanting to take the music to the stage, he joined forces with fellow band members Lasse on the drums, and Stian providing the low-end. The first rehearsal in Lasse’s basement was in 2015. But the boys have been rocking heavy since growing up together in Kolbotn, and Magmakammer is simply an accumulation of all those previous band experiences.

The autumn of 2017 they set out to record an album on a minimal budget and with a DIY-mindset. The result is the debut album Mindtripper. Everything from recording, mixing and cover-art is done in its entirety by the members of the band, and this characterises the album in the way that it was intended. The goal of the album is to give of a lo-fi, vintage vibe, although with a contemporary and modern sound. The album is rough around the edges, but is painstakingly crafted to achieve THAT sound.



Label: Kozmik Artifactz
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