Maestro Maya

2021 NASONI 220

Live From Planet Maya

Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

ltd. edition 300 pcs. 180g clear-HQ-vinyl, gatefold cover, incl. Downloadcard / release date: December 06 2021

To celebrate the end of 2020, Maestro Maya gathered responsibly in the woods outside of Denton, TX and recorded a live set specifically for YOU. That's right, we're giving you a round trip ticket to Planet Maya. Enjoy yourself & we'll see you on the other side fellow Space Traveler...

Maestro Maya Draws It's Magical Powers From:

Josh Cinquemani (guitar/vocals)
Jonahs Downer (bass)
Andres Serrano (drums)

Album Art by Jonahs Downer
All Music Written and Performed by Maestro Maya
All Audio & Video Production by Josh Cinquemani - Dovetales Audio

Interview with ''It's Psychedelic Baby Mag''


Maestro Maya

Label: Nasoni
LP coloured 180g HQ-vinyl incl. download card sold out 

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