2020 Nasoni 212

The Blues Are Back In Black

Style: 60's Psychedelic / Fuzz / Garage

ltd. edition 300 pcs. 180g transparent red HQ-vinyl in a deluxe-tip-on-cover incl. insert and Downloadcard, release date on April 02, 2020

LuCiFeR SiDeBuRNS "The Blues Are Back in Black"

You know and love Hank Ray for spooking the devils out of hell over more than three decades. No one rattles the bones of zombies and ghouls like the haunted baritone singer, guitarist and composer. No one makes being bad feel so good!


His newest project Lucifer Sideburns adds a twist to trouble with Shazz Lee who interprets Hank Ray's original compositions in her own deep and sultry swank. Together they lure listeners into the Dark Bayou, get lost in Sweet Magnolia Blues and cozy with the Sweet Side of the Beast. This Americana album sprinkles dada-istic truths and the result is honest of walking the line of darkness and light.


Lucifer Sideburns create a new arena for Death Country which is both pleasantly familiar and effectively nuanced, conjuring Zen-Juju ghosts of yore like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Hank Williams, Nina Simone, Della Reese, Lee Hazlewood & Gram Parsons stewed up with under-lying sinister touches of the Velvet Underground, CCR and the Cramps.


Hank Ray and Shazz Lee celebrate their common ground by hounding the shadows on the album The Blues are Back in Black. Shazz Lee's voice is refreshingly unaffected from modern frills and brings natural timbers to Hank Ray's songs. Tex Morton on guitar, Andy Laaf on drums and T-Base on bass add their mischief to the album. The Blues are Back in Black is great for partying, lying at home in melancholy or just exercising demons.


If you haven't heard them yet, it's high time you do.

Label: Nasoni
LP 300 ltd. colored 180g-HQ-Vinyl in a tip-on-gatefold incl . insert and downloadcode 
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