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Style: Pearls from the Past | Krautrock

This legendary eponymous album, originally released on famous label Brain in 1973, is a fine example for the various styles German rock of the early 70´s (Krautrock) represented. On their first album Kollektiv produced an incomparable, unmistakeable sound with echoes of “Organisation “and early”Kraftwerk”. Led by the distorted but always rhythmic or melodic flute and sax playing by Klaus Dapper and the extraordinaire terrific guitar by Jürgen Havix and consolidated and held together by the tight rhythm duo the Karpenkiel twins Jogi and Waldo on bass and drums. The Kraftwerk/Organisation roots are very evident on the first two (long-)tracks. Rambo Zambo is an entrancing improvisation with psych flutes and steadily rocking drums much like Kraftwerk's Ruckzuck. Also the first half of Baldrian brings back the droning cosmic experimentations of Kraftwerk. The second half of the track takes a more melodic and bluesy direction, reminiscent of Floyd's early soundtrack work. Both tracks are equally outstanding. 'Forsterlied' is a freaky tune with spoken words that are followed each time with an outburst of sound. This happens over and over in this 1:50 track. The majestic 20 minutes Gageg forms the heart of the album. Again early Floyd blues and early Kraftwerk flutes come to mind but the guitar adds a King Crimson touch, almost like Fripp is doing the sustained guitar improvisations here. The excellent distorted saxophone add a more prominent jazzy flavor. Honored with the prize of German Phono Academy in 1973 and also well received by lovers of Krautrock all over the world, this album is a true German rock classic, a synonym for Krautrock. Spacey but melodic, elevated yet rocking. Innovative, progressive in the best sense. Album comes with exact reproduction of original album gimmick cover sleeve, poster, band story and rare photos! A must for all you Krautrock fans out there!

Label: Long Hair Music
LP turquoise transparent vinyl 
LP black vinyl 
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