Electric Moon

2011 NASONI 118

The Doomsday Machine

Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock

The new longplayer by the psych-rock-band Electric Moon. The whole thing is enveloped by a gloomy atmosphere. The title-song „Doomsday Machine“ shows, that Electric Moon are able to „smooth a board“ with hard tunes, but without lack of Space or Psychedelic mood... Includes the legendary „Kleiner Knaller“ (well known from youtube) and some other Psych-gems... With some few overdubs, the most is recorded live in the studio. Also there is relatively much voice on this record. The colaboration between the painter Ulli Mahn (responsible for the great artwork) and the band itself, is called 'mission' here – to blend music with pictures – what is well done. Because the paintings are kind of visualisation of the music, and the music is a musical version of the paintings, even if there is a difference of nearly 40 years between their development... Everything is kept very ornate and artfully, the songtitles and further infos are not shown until you browse the booklet or open the foldout-cover. Limited to 500 (the LP is splitted to 100 splatter and 400 black) this masterpiece offers you little extras, like 12-paged booklet within the CD edition, or a poster within the vinyl-edition. Everything kept in the design of Ulli Mahn. This isn’t only a sound carrier, it is an artistic synthesis. The CD comes as digipac, the double LP within a great highglossy fold out cover.

Label: Nasoni
DLP 400 black vinyl + insert sold out 
DLP 100 splatter colour vinyl with insert sold out 
CD NASONI 118CD sold out 

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