Electric Moon

2010 NASONI 101


Long psychedelic improvisations are the showpiece of ELECTRIC MOON. The trio is occupied with drums, guitar and bass – fully enough to fill the room. Energetic but floating drums, spacy guitars and a monotonous bass are marking the sound of this band. Electric Moon is rocking with their first liveshow the crowd at south European Duna Jam! More gigs and festivals followed, or will happen this year in Germany, together with these great bands: Vibravoid, Ufomammut, Pharaoh Overlord, Gomer Pyle, Interkosmos... The LP version will hopefully be out in late September! In case of less space on vinyl, the first 2 tracks were missing on the vinyl-edition! Electric Moon are: Pablo Carneval, Sula Bassana and Komet Lulu

LP black Vinyl + insert sold out 
LP 100 ltd, colour Vinyl + insert sold out 
CD NASONI 101CD sold out 

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