Dick Heckstall-Smith

2021 LHC 268

A Story Ended

Style: Pearls from the Past | 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management,UK, remastered from an original master copy out of the vaults of BMG, originally released in 1972 on Bronze Records. Co-founder of Colosseum in 1968 with Jon Hiseman, he knew from his Jazz Club years as drummer for Georgie Fame, Dick ran through this group`s hectic recording and touring schedule for over 3 years until November 1971, when it disbanded. In his late ‘30`s’ at that time, on top of his musical shape, he moved on to start recording on his first solo project, with material left over from Colosseum days (written by D. H-S., Clem Clempson and Jon Hisemann) and new material jointly composed with well known lyricist Pete Brown. He recruited the help of Colosseum mates, Hiseman, keyboardist Dave Greenslade and vocalist/bass player Mark Clarke, plus the brilliant ex-Elton John group Caleb Quaye ( Hookfoot) on guitars and Rob Tait (ARC, Battered Ornaments) on drums; old pal G.Bond is featured providing remarkable moog work on “Pirate’s Dream”, Funky organ on “Moses in the Bullrushourses” and sharing piano duties with Gordon Beck (G.B.Trio, Nucleus) on “What the Morning Was After”; Paul Williams (Juicy Lucy) gets the lion share of vocal duties, and Chris Farlowe and Chris Spedding (Nucleus, Battered Ornaments) have respectively a sole vocal and a guitar spot on “Pirate’s Dream”. The album track by track: Side one starts with 'Future Song' the track that really rises above the other tracks here. The guitar, vocals (by Mark Carke) and sax are great on this one. Killer sax 2 minutes during an excellent instrumental interlude. H-S. sounds slightly eastern-influenced on his outstanding sax lines.Such an uplifting track with it`s repetitive riff and hard, driving sound! Next is 'Crabs', starting off in a mellow way with Greenslade`s piano and reserved vocals as the sax joins in followed by guitar and drums as it builds. Irresistable! Great vocals by Paul Williams. One could easily imagine both tracks on a Colosseum album.'Moses In The Bullrushourses' is uptempo, owing just as much to jazz, blues and hard rock. Great groove! Lots of organ here to send shivers down your spine and perfect guitar playing. 'What The Morning Was After' opens with some sax excursions as the drums help out. Acoustic guitar by Quaye and powerful vocals by Paul Williams take over as the piano joins in. Our second favourite tune on here after the opener. A folky song really until it picks up half-way through. Side 2 opens with 11 minutes “Pirate’s Dream”, with Farlowe on vocals and Spedding`s initial rock blues riff, but soon evolving to a complex multi parted composition in the best spirit of Valentyne Suite, driven by Hiseman multi faceted drumming. D.H-S. twin saxes soar on a calmer mid section with Spedding doubling the licks and the bass grumbling relentlessly behind; it slowly gains speed with moog, sax & vocalizations duelling and answering each others with dazzling, demanding and inspired phrasings on top a thundering rhythm section; after the lyrics resume it evolves into a majestic, grandiose finale. A bluesy clean guitar lick opens “Same old Thing”, a swinging, calm heavily modulated twisted Blues, with a punchy rhythm section, a soulful Williams on vocal, Quaye delivering an inspired sparkling solo and D.H-S. sensitive fat sax enhanced with some double tracking on the solo part. A great ending to a great album. Album comes with the reproduction of original gatefold cover sleeve, add. coversized insert with bandstory, lyrics and photos.


Label: Long Hair Music
LP LHC 268 
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