Cosmic Trip Machine

2011 NASONI 115

Vampyros Roussos

Style: 70's / Psychedelic / Space- & Jam-Rock | Progressive & Art-Rock / Experimental

"Vampyros Roussos - Newly Remixed and Remastered : Limited edition featuring ""(not) Very High / Revelation Evil"" single. One of Belgium’s finest psychedelic bands, these night-trippers sound like Demis Roussos jamming with Gong imagining a psychedelic horror soundtrack wandering through a free-flowing erotic surreal delirium with enough sitar, cosmic electronics and wailing acidic guitar leads to blow your head clean off."

Label: Nasoni
LP 400 black vinyl plus 7 inch 
LP 100 colour vinyl plus 7 inch colour 
EUR 19,00
incl. VAT plus shipping

Delivery within Germany max. 3-4 business days.
Outside germany depending on the carrier.

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