Captain Crimson

2015 NASONI 156

Ageless Time

Style: 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage

The new album “Ageless time” was crafted based on blues, rock, metal and classic rock. As everyone in Captain Crimson contributes to the songwriting, nothing seems wrong or out of place. Everyone is part of the creative process and a piece of the magic of Captain Crimsons. “Ageless Time” was recorded live in a chapel together with their live sound engineer, producer and close friend Joakim Frisö. The title “Ageless time” was consciously chosen based on the theme of the album. This time, Captain Crimson want to tell people something they can relate to. We are living in a constantly changing world, there are people living through hard times in many different ways and countries, this is what CaptainCrimson showcases on “Ageless Time” lyrically. “Ageless Time” captures you by its realness and deepness.

Label: Nasoni
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