2011 NASONI 108

Beats Of Olarizu

Style: 70's / Hard- & Blues-Rock / Garage | Heavy Psych / Stoner / Doom

Amazing debut hand by this band of psychedelic stoner from the cold regions of the North of Spain. As it would be an avalanche, Arenna demolishes the walls of your mind with heavy and catchy riffs as a swamp of smoking pitch while a voice able of hypnotizing your senses brings you on a trip to worlds you could never imagine. With the rock and psychedelia of the 70’s as the starting point, Arenna adds to their compositions a heaviness and a load of own and untransferable nuances, giving place to an amazing and unique style. Forceful and massive as tectonic plates, evocative as the best trip of LSD, Beats of Olarizu is the voice when this is fused with the soul, the riff when it brings the creation fire, the blues when it belongs to the unleashed forces of nature.

Label: Nasoni
DLP 400 copies 180g black vinyl sold out 
DLP 100 copies 180 g colour Vinyl sold out 
EUR 15,00
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