Clear Filters

Loxley Beade

...of Transient Thoughts & Iridescence

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second album of the freaky spaceheads.
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Octopus Syng

Beyond The Karmadelic Coldness

Vinyl edition of the first full length album by psychedelic wizard from Finland
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3 Speed Automatic

Villa Rocka

3piece band from The Netherlands with a pretty intense brew of stoner rock, raunchy wah-wah propelled biker rock, sleazy hard rock and psychedelics.
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Cole, Stud


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Johnson Noise


400 ltd. black vinyl
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Vibravoid/Sula Bassana


Part one of the Nasoni Archive Series. This split album pairs two of the best modern psychedelic bands
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Vibravoid / Void Forum

Turned On Acid

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Colour Haze

Los Sounds De Krauts

great german stoner, psych. Album 800 ltd. #ed. edition
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Gas Giant


band from Denmark, great psych-space Rock, fold-out,
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Majestic Scene


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