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VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2      

LP 300 ltd. 180 g colour vinyl with insert NASONI 191 C 2018
The musical bet of Knei in Youth of the Big City emphasizes the seventies. Young musicians but with their bare ass live, they combine jazz, blues, hard rock, psychedelia and funk with total naturalness. A band whose sound can bring you reminiscences to The James Gang, the Trapeze by Glenn Hughes, the first Ian Gillan Band, the contemporaries Wolfmother, his compatriot Pappo and his Pappo's Blues, the hardest time of the Spanish Lone Star or even classic American rock bands like the densest The Doors or the early days of the Grand Funk Railroad. [ » more ]

WELCOME INSIDE THE BRAIN- Celebrate The Depression
WELCOME INSIDE THE BRAIN - Celebrate The Depression

CD NASONI 190 CD 2017
LP 300 ltd. 180g yellow Vinyl with insert NASONI 190 C 2017
The band was founded in 2015 in Leipzig and released the EP 'Welcome Inside The Brain' in the same year. They played several tours all over Europe and supported bands like 'Banned from Utopia' (the original band of Frank Zappa), the krautrock legend 'Birth Control' and 'Siena Root'. 'Welcome Inside The Brain' releases their first album 'Celebrate The Depression' in autumn 2017 on Nasoni Records. 'Celebrate The Depression' is the first album of the young band 'Welcome Inside The Brain' from Leipzig/Germany. The sound is much diversified with elements of psychedelic rock, progressive rock and long of improvisations. The band describes the album as a mirror of postmodern times, full of contradictions and hints. You are taken on a long journey with feelings like joy, fear, hope and desperation. There are some freaky parts in it that happened in very special moments of the recording process. Also there are many parts checked in detail in a long run. Influences for the album: The band is influenced by modern jazz, progressive rock bands like King Crimson, current processes in politics and society [ » more ]

GYPSY SUN REVIVAL- Journey Outside Of Time
GYPSY SUN REVIVAL - Journey Outside Of Time

LP 100 ltd. 180 g green Vinyl NASONI 192 G 2017
LP 100 ltd. 180 g blue Vinyl NASONI 192 BL 2017
LP 100 ltd. 180 g violet Vinyl NASONI 192 V 2017
CD NASONI 192 CD 2017
LP 180 g black Vinyl NASONI 192 B 2017
Blasting through the airwaves to tickle your auditory senses, comes the sophomore release from these Texas psychedelic pariahs. Take a Journey Outside of Time and experience the weirdness that can only come from an unwavering sense of pushing the possibilities of musical instruments. Guaranteed to blow you out of reality into new sonic realms of enlightenment, this is a release that you do not want to miss. Growing on their debut album, this Texas trio has grown into a 5 piece with a new vocalist and organist, and produced a new, refined sound that will open up doors to previously unconscionable auditory ideas. So join the journey and hang on for the ride. [ » more ]

THE IASCOPE- Serpentine Circles
THE IASCOPE - Serpentine Circles

LP 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl plus insert NASONI 187 C 2017
Serpentine Circles is the debut album of The Iascope from Frankfurt, Germany. Conceptualized as a progressiv-rock album from the early 70s, the album combines several influences. The floating soundscapes by Pink Floyd such as heavy blues-riffs like Black Sabbath mark the range in which the young band is moving. Withal the sound of their heroes gets transformed into a modern design. Melodic elements are surrounded by a fundament of unconventional but also familiar soundscapes, structures and grooves that are leading to stirring climaxes. [ » more ]


LP 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl incl. download card NASONI 189 C 2017
CD NASONI 189 CD 2017
Liquid Orbit celebrates the spirit of the Psychedelic Underground. Progressive space rock and hypnotic riffing meet cosmic landscapes and light-hearted hammond-grooves. A surprisingly versatile woman's voice is supported by a creative interplay between guitar and organ and a pulsating rhythm section. On this album, the band combines eclectic song structures with the freedom of improvisation. The five songs vary between haunting ballads and driving mind-melting stoner moves. 'If you can listen to this album and not feel as if you're being transported headlong across dimensions of celestial expanses, then you have no business listening to Psyche Rock to begin with.' (Metal Nexus) The band consists of singer Sylvia Köpke, guitarist Andree Kubillus, keyboardist/organ player Anders Becker, bassist Ralf Höpken, and percussionist/drummer Steve Wittig, which are all pundits in their genre. Since the early 1990s, they have worked and played with Damo Suzuki (Can), Rainer Baumann (Frumpy), Daevid Allen (Gong), Nikki Sudden (Jacobites), Tom „The Perc“ Redecker and Nik Turner (Hawkwind). Organist Anders was co-founder of the Mandra Gora Lightshow Society. [ » more ]


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