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VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2      
THE IASCOPE- Serpentine Circles
THE IASCOPE - Serpentine Circles

LP 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl plus insert NASONI 187 C 2017
Serpentine Circles is the debut album of The Iascope from Frankfurt, Germany. Conceptualized as a progressiv-rock album from the early 70s, the album combines several influences. The floating soundscapes by Pink Floyd such as heavy blues-riffs like Black Sabbath mark the range in which the young band is moving. Withal the sound of their heroes gets transformed into a modern design. Melodic elements are surrounded by a fundament of unconventional but also familiar soundscapes, structures and grooves that are leading to stirring climaxes. [ » more ]


LP 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl incl. download card NASONI 189 C 2017
CD NASONI 189 CD 2017
Liquid Orbit celebrates the spirit of the Psychedelic Underground. Progressive space rock and hypnotic riffing meet cosmic landscapes and light-hearted hammond-grooves. A surprisingly versatile woman's voice is supported by a creative interplay between guitar and organ and a pulsating rhythm section. On this album, the band combines eclectic song structures with the freedom of improvisation. The five songs vary between haunting ballads and driving mind-melting stoner moves. 'If you can listen to this album and not feel as if you're being transported headlong across dimensions of celestial expanses, then you have no business listening to Psyche Rock to begin with.' (Metal Nexus) The band consists of singer Sylvia Köpke, guitarist Andree Kubillus, keyboardist/organ player Anders Becker, bassist Ralf Höpken, and percussionist/drummer Steve Wittig, which are all pundits in their genre. Since the early 1990s, they have worked and played with Damo Suzuki (Can), Rainer Baumann (Frumpy), Daevid Allen (Gong), Nikki Sudden (Jacobites), Tom „The Perc“ Redecker and Nik Turner (Hawkwind). Organist Anders was co-founder of the Mandra Gora Lightshow Society. [ » more ]


LP 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl NASONI 186 C 2017
The second trip from their essence and conscious to the stars and galaxies through the deserts and stones of our existence. There are always a stepping stones on the way questioning about the life and death, bearing thoughts about the end and the beginning and who watches us on this way. No matter is it the line or the cycle pass it with Risin Sabotage accompanied. [ » more ]

STONED JESUS- SEVEN THUNDERS ROAR 5th anniversary edition
STONED JESUS - SEVEN THUNDERS ROAR 5th anniversary edition

LP 100 ltd. red vinyl NASONI 127 R 2017
LP 50 ltd. purple vinyl NASONI 127 P 2017 sold out
5th anniversary of the great album SEVEN THUNDERS ROAR. Special Edition of 100 red colour vinyl and 50 purple colour vinyl [ » more ]

HORIZON- Tales from Hydra Cluster
HORIZON - Tales from Hydra Cluster

LP 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl plus insert NASONI 185 C 2017
The second LP of this space/stoner trio based on the east coast of Spain. 'Tales from Hydra Cluster' is maybe somewhat more dense than the predecessor 'The last man in Terminus' with songs that we would define as classic stoner but without losing the essence of the 70's space and psychedelic rock. Here you can enjoy eight new tracks for a trip, from the most desertic and inhospitable places of your mind, to the dark and wonderful constellation Hydra. [ » more ]


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