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VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2       VIBRAVOID - triptamine e.p., vol.2      

CD NASONI 184-2 CD 2016
LP 300 ltd. colour vinyl NASONI 184 C 2017
After their last shot “Crossroad Man” (2011) it finally took five and a half years to come up with a new album, but now Daturana is back in business. Over the years (three without being on stage together) the music of the German rock band has developed in many ways. The eight tracks on ‘Mindfly’ are ‘groovier’ and more ‘songlike’ than ever before. Indeed, you can still hear a solid Psych Rock foundation, but the Daturana-style is in some way fortified with a little tasty pop flavour. Despite their affinity for audible vintage sounds, “Mindfly” shakes off the dust and provides a new mellow freshness. Textually the third studio album has been the most personal so far, telling about mental dejection (‘Abyss’, ‘Jefferson’) or reflecting the band’s history (‘Flower’). Subtly sociocritical songs (‘Drunken Girl’, ‘Thirty Years’) touch the border between reality and dreams (‘House of Dreams’) as well as the long-time existing desire of escaping all sorrows (‘Fly Away’). With songs like the ‘trippy’ instrumental track ‘Into the Sun’ you can still follow Daturana to other spheres. Or like the signboard on the cover says: Searching for Perception? Enter and explore! [ » more ]

PINE RIDGE- From SomewhereTo Nowhere
PINE RIDGE - From SomewhereTo Nowhere

LP 300 ltd. colour vinyl with insert NASONI 181 C 2016
From Somewhere to Nowhere… is the debut album of the blues rock band from Siberia. In Omsk people say that they play 'Siberian blues rock with Indian blood'. The album is about a man who trying fined himself on a road of life. Homeland, love, decisions, choise... Simple stories mixed with blues rock, country and folk motives. [ » more ]


LP 300 ltd. colour vinyl with insert Nasoni 182 C 2016
Another excellent piece of heavy rock from the uprising Greek rock scene. Combining elements of psychedelic and garage rock, 2 Headed Dogs at their first self/titled album create fuzzy riffs and raw grooves layered by an analog feeling under a smokey sky. The album was recorded and mixed at their home studio at Skepasto, Greece during the first days of 2016 by the band members. At the point where deserted travelers meet with passionate rockers you will find 2 Headed Dogs creating their own unique tunes. Have a pleasant journey! [ » more ]


LP 300 ltd. colour vinyl with insert Nasoni 183 C 2016
Get immersed in the vast immensity of endless soundscapes and penetrating psychedelia with this Texas trio. This self-titled, debut album takes listeners on a long-distance trip through mind-bending riffs, cosmic jams, and a full-blown guitar freakout. The hypnotic rhythms, groove, and general disregard for traditional song arrangement make this album unique and leave the listeners in anticipation, not knowing what is around the next corner. Embrace the journey and let Gypsy Sun Revival fill your mind. [ » more ]

DRUID- Paper Squares
DRUID - Paper Squares

MC 0 2016
unreleased tracks - only on MC - approx. 30 minutes - limited press cassette - June 2015 [ » more ]


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