what and who is Nasoni Records ?

the whole thing grew out of collecting records for over 30 years. Whilst searching for special vinyl all over the globe we came in touch with bands, interesting pretty unknown music, record dealers and independent record collector labels. It was only natural that we decided to start a label ourselves. Since the idea was born in Dallas, Texas together with some of our American friends we picked a name for our label which is related to the Dallas area and history: NASONI (RECORDS).
The NASONI was an Indian tribe. They were related to the CADDO Indians and used to live around the Dallas, Texas area.

Meanwhile (besides still collecting records of course) we do: old and new vinyl - Mail-order, CDs, and as independent record label productions of good psychedelic (and good other) rock music - we produce strictly limited editioned vinyl only.
We are working together with various Rock bands in Germany, Europe, USA and Canada and Demo-tapes/ -CDs are always welcome!

Hans-Georg Bier

We deeply regret, having to inform you that the founder of Nasoni-Records, Hans-Georg Bier, has passed away just recently.
However, the Nasoni Label is going to live on and will be continued in Hans’s entire sense, philosophy and terms.


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