WO FAT - The Gathering Dark
WO FAT- The Gathering Dark    
DLP   400 black vinyl with insert
DLP   100 2-colour split vinyl with insert
Nasoni 112 B
Nasoni 112 C
( 2011 )
( 2011 )

‘The Gathering Dark,’ Wo Fat's first album from 2006, was the beginning of their hoodoo vision quest down the dusty back roads of a blues-infused, riff-filled netherworld of psychedelic heaviness. Here is where they began their ascent up the holy mountainside, armed with the knowledge of long forgotten grooves and riffs of old. ‘The Gathering Dark’ is relentless Swampy Voodoo Doom Metal that's packed full of acid-drenched guitar solos, crushing heavy riffs and tales of the weird. Nasoni Records is releasing this album on double vinyl for the first time, complete with stunning new artwork on a gatefold sleeve by Alexander von Wieding. This release also includes a never-before-heard bonus jam, ‘Call of Zuvembie.

prices: DLP 400 black vinyl with insert € 26.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   
DLP 100 2-colour split vinyl with insert sold out

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