WO FAT - Psychedelonaut
WO FAT- Psychedelonaut    
DLP   400 ltd. black
DLP   100 ltd.2-colour-split vinyl
( 2010 )
( 2010 )

Wo Fat believes in the Riff. Wo Fat`s music is all about the riff. Wo Fat are well schooled in the ways of Rock. They have learned from the recorded evidence left behind by the old ones of the 70s: Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond, Leslie West, ZZ Top... They have gone further back to glean the foundations of Rock from the bluesmasters of days past like John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Son House and Mississippi Fred McDowell. They have travelled through the backwoods mythos of the north Mississippi hill country blues of R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough and studied the riffage of more contemporary masters like Sleep, Kyuss and Fu Manchu. They also possess knowledge of the archaic arts of analog recording and vacuum tube amplification. The result is a bubbling psychedelic brew of heavy riff- rock and electric fuzzed-out blues. A concoction of earth shaking Sabbathesque doom with dark trance inducing hill country blues and mind altering guitar solos. Rock. In the great tradition of the Old Ones. Dare you open the book of Wo Fat?

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