THE IASCOPE - Serpentine Circles
THE IASCOPE- Serpentine Circles    
LP   300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl plus insert
( 2017 )

Serpentine Circles is the debut album of The Iascope from Frankfurt, Germany. Conceptualized as a progressiv-rock album from the early 70s, the album combines several influences. The floating soundscapes by Pink Floyd such as heavy blues-riffs like Black Sabbath mark the range in which the young band is moving. Withal the sound of their heroes gets transformed into a modern design. Melodic elements are surrounded by a fundament of unconventional but also familiar soundscapes, structures and grooves that are leading to stirring climaxes.

prices: LP 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl plus insert € 18.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   

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