TRAVELING CIRCLE - Escape From Black Cloud
TRAVELING CIRCLE- Escape From Black Cloud    
LP   400 black vinyl with insert
LP   100 ltd. colour vinyl with insert
( 2012 )
( 2012 )

As we draw closer to the precipice of 2012 and prepare for the moment of transformation, the highly-anticipated second album from Traveling Circle has arrived just in time for the ceremonious shifting of the cosmic dial. Escape From Black Cloud is an alchemy of disparate musical ingredients that will awaken your senses, clear the dormant catacombs of your mind and spin-cycle your neural fabric. It moves through the islets of Orion's Belt, traverses the Zodiac Diagram and turns the Pythagorean Theory on its head, celebrating uncharted sonic dimensions. The universe is Traveling Circle's kitchen and something celestial has been brewing. Don't miss this transcendental feast.

prices: LP 400 black vinyl with insert € 15.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   
LP 100 ltd. colour vinyl with insert € 18.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   

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