THE DEAD-END ALLEY BAND - Whispers of the Night
THE DEAD-END ALLEY BAND- Whispers of the Night    
LP   100 ltd. colour vinyl with insert
LP   400 black vinyl with insert
Nasoni 134 C
Nasoni 134 B
( 2013 )
( 2013 )

"The debut album of the psychedelic rock band from Peru. ""Whispers of the Night"" (2012) is exactly as the title suggests, a whisper, a trippy ""touch"" of music through the night. It was recorded and mixed by Javier Kou and Sebastian Sanchez-Botta, in Lima, Peru, with the ambition to reborn the classic progressive and psychedelic rock and blues scents. Just let yourself get carried away by The Dead-End Alley Band's 52 minutes of psychedelic sound and enjoy."

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