SUN PREACHERS - Faces Of Ashes
SUN PREACHERS- Faces Of Ashes    
LP   400 black vinyl
LP   100 ltd. colour vinyl
( 2013 )
( 2013 )

"Sun Preachers is a very heavy psychedelic rock band playing long epic hymns in the vein of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Sir Lord Baltimore and many more legends of the amazing 70's Hard Rock Scene.Their Hard and Heavy Rock knowledge is massive and their powerful riffs will pound you in the ground. From the first chords of ""Faces of Ashes"", one gets the sense that they have stumbled upon something great, something that worshippers of authentic soulful music will recognize. The musicians are obviously stellar and there is more than a little psychedelic and progressive influence, it gives the music an interesting and fresher approach to the so called retro sound. Through dark and haunting words lead by a fallen preacher, the band feels the urge to express raw and heavy anthems. If yon want to witness some atrocity exhibition, this way, step inside."

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