STONED JESUS - Seven Thunders Roar
STONED JESUS- Seven Thunders Roar    
LP   100 ltd. colour vinyl
LP   400 black vinyl
Nasoni 127 C
Nasoni 127 B
( 2012 )
( 2012 )

"STONED JESUS hails from Kiev, Ukraine, and they are doubtlessly the biggest band to emerge on Eastern Europe's stoner/psychedelic/doom scene recently. Started in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Igor as his solo project, they toured Russia and Ukraine early 2010, releasing their highly-anticipated debut ""First Communion"" on the legendary Solitude Prod label few months later. 2011 saw them changing direction on ""Stormy Monday"" EP with more shows followed, confirming their reputation as one of the most spectacular bands to experience live. Recorded late 2011 in Moscow and Kiev, STONED JESUS' second full-length ""Seven Thunders Roar"" showed their constant desire to reach beyond and push forward. Less doom and more psychedelic, it peaks with 13-min long ""I'm The Mountain"" epic, the most progressive and ambitious track from the band so far. Released early 2012 via Kiev's InshaMuzyka label on CD, it has become the most requested item on their first European tour recently. With another tour coming September 2012, STONED JESUS are ready to hit the spot once again - this time with ""Seven Thunders Roar"" (including new take on ""Stormy Monday"" killer) released on vinyl exclusively by the cult Nasoni Records label. Get it while it's available! "

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