STONED JESUS - First Communion
STONED JESUS- First Communion    
LP   300 black vinyl with insert
LP   200 ltd. colour vinyl with insert
Nasoni 132 B
Nasoni 132 C
( 2013 )
( 2013 )

The legendary STONED JESUS debut record now on vinyl! Originally released by Russian Solitude Records label in 2010, it was recorded live-in-the-studio in two hours and mixed in three ones the other weekend. From powerful ‘Occult’ intro riff to ‘Falling Apart’ closing guest solos this record screams ‘stoner doom’ all over it, with all band members being heavily influenced by BLACK SABBATH, SLEEP and ELECTRIC WIZARD back in that time. The future-classic ‘Red Wine’ and ‘Black Woods’ stand-outs are still the jewels of the crown for every STONED JESUS show, lovely saved for encores. Now ‘First Communion’ is available in the form it was originally intended - on vinyl from Nasoni Records!

prices: LP 300 black vinyl with insert € 15.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   
LP 200 ltd. colour vinyl with insert sold out

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