LP   400 black vinyl
LP   100 ltd. colour vinyl
Nasoni 137 B
Nasoni 137 C
( 2013 )
( 2013 )

"One year in making… Unwonted cast of participants… Four pieces of impro-instrumental music, lovers of heavy Psyche and Acid Rock can’t miss! So it was February 2012, and Ilya Lipkin hosted in Moscow Glenda Pescado and Pete Bingham who were travelling in Russia. One night, he asked if his guests wanted to jam in the studio booked for THE RE-STONED upcoming sessions. Over three hours of live improvisations were recorded at the time by Ilya Lipkin (guitar, effects), Vasily Bartov (drums), Glenda Pescado (bass), and Pete Bingham (guitar). Four pieces were subsequently picked up by Ilya to produce the “Re-session” album which got completed in February 2013. All engineering, sound-producing, and artworking by Ilya Lipkin. CD-version (as ""Re-session V.2"") was out on R.A.I.G. Records. LP-version (as ""Re-session V.3"") is exclusively published by Nasoni Records."

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