QOPH - Freaks
QOPH- Freaks    
LP   400 black vinyl with insert
LP   100 ltd. colour vinyl with insert
( 2012 )
( 2012 )

Exiting album by this outstanding Swedish band. Their unique sound is deeply rooted in early-70's UK Progressive- & Art-Rock, blend with a heavy psychedelic touch and a dose of Stoner-Rock power. People say that they sound a bit like Soft Machine meets Alex Harvey Band meets Gentle Giant meets November. But this would be too easy for to define this band's rich and varied sound, because all in all they sound like QOPH! This means marvellous vocal harmonies and dual-guitar virtuosity climbing to acrobatic hights, trippy electronical effects with Moog and Theremin, floating Mellotron here and bluesy riffing there. This double vinyl contains 3 more tracks than the CD version.

prices: LP 400 black vinyl with insert sold out
LP 100 ltd. colour vinyl with insert sold out

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