LP   300 ltd. colour vinyl
Nasoni 175
( 2016 )

This is our second studio album. We spent a lot more time and money on this one, giving it a much better production quality than our S/T effort from 2014. The album is inspired by, and based on, Plato's allegory of the Cave, from 'The Republic.' In our version, a child is born into the modern world, and is immediately led into the modern day 'Cave' by institutionalized religion, government propaganda, and a disastrous education system. In this reality, people are constantly distracted by cell phones, computers, billboards, television, etc. Our insecurities and fears are used against us by those who rule us. Luckily, the child realizes the reality he has known is an illusion. He escapes, and runs as far away as possible. We ask that you turn off your cell phone and computer and enjoy this album the way it was supposed to be played: on quality stereo equipment at loud volume. Happy listening!

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