LYNX LYNX - This Tribe Of Yours
LYNX LYNX- This Tribe Of Yours    
LP   400 black Vinyl
LP   100 colur Vinyl
Nasoni095-2 CD
Nasoni095 B
Nasoni095 C
( 2010 )
( 2010 )
( 2010 )

Wild, untamed and young: That's the sound of LYNX LYNX! This first album from of the young group from the German Ruhrgebiert area is a sonic assault on everything. Not just for testing reasons - but this group needs to ventilate their enormous power and rage. 'This Tribe of Yours' contains fantastic rock songs of a higher degree. LYNX LYNX do want to revolutionize rock music - they do not have time for that as their music strikes so immediately that it seems impossible to resist. Great tunes and perfect songs that will set your mind on fire.

prices: CD € 14.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   
LP 400 black Vinyl € 14.50   incl. VAT plus shipping   
LP 100 colur Vinyl € 17.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   

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