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( 2011 )
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Ivy Garden Of The Desert begins its activity in December 2008. Paul on bass, Andrea on drums and percussions, Diego on guitars and vocals, decide to create their own music, a sound that expresses their personalities to the core, influenced by the world they live in, by dreams and desires, and by music that has conquered their hearts at least. Ivy Garden Of The Desert always try new forms and sounds. They want to ahead towards structures and melodies of the music that have given birth to epochs, music that people like to listen to and not just to consume. 'Docile' (ca. 40 min) is the first of three eps planned by the band itself before publishing a full-length. 'Docile' contains three heavy tracks (just like the Youtube-single 'Enchanting Odyssey') whereas 'Hang Glider' represents the acoustic moment. All the Ivy Garden Of The Desert's songs were born by an acoustic guitar, so all the tracks born until now have a thoughtful core. The band’s lyrics usually treat the theme that is dearest to the singer: freedom! Diego’s voice is not the project leader: few words constitute obscure poems. Music still continues to be predominant.

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