EL HOMBRE MISTERIOSO - The Achorado Sound of El Hombre Misterioso
EL HOMBRE MISTERIOSO- The Achorado Sound of El Hombre Misterioso    
LP   black 400 ltd.
LP   colour 100 ltd.
( 2008 )
( 2008 )

Peruvian band of experimental rock which works with strong rhythmic and percussive charges, shaped by subsonic and groovy bass lines where frenetic electric guitar riffs and sounds have the perfect excuse for an intense journey. This generates a permanent mix of electronic music played acustically, polyrythmics, psychedelia, funk, psychotropic mantra and rock’n roll spirit. A voice-over drives the project into the political and romantical matters, with lyrics that speak to the interior of our bowels and to the everyday of the third world, marked by the merciless contradictions of the modern age. El Hombre Misterioso travels through the existentialism of a humanity threatened by the humanity itself. “The Achorado Sound of El Hombre Misterioso” is a vinyl which compiles part of the first period of the band and part of their most recent production

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LP colour 100 ltd. € 16.50   incl. VAT plus shipping   

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