COSMIC TRIP MACHINE - The Curse of Lord Space Devil
COSMIC TRIP MACHINE- The Curse of Lord Space Devil    
LP   400 ltd. black Vinyl
LP   100 ltd. colour Vinyl
NASONI 102 -2 CD
( 2010 )
( 2010 )
( 2010 )

"The third Cosmic Trip Machine album is showing a new direction, a synthesis of the synthesis, close to the Lord Space Devil psychedelic spirit, that you should enjoy. The recording was finished on April after one month of intensive work, but Will Z. and Majnun expressed dissatisfaction with the result. So, OG was hired as a producer and an ""exorcist"" to stop negative forces and finish the work. Cosmic Trip Machine changed their minds during the realization process, but The Curse of Lord Space Devil is the definitive version of Son of Lord Space Devil, not THE version of course, another one, floating on Corpus Hermeticum, The Book of Am, poetries and mystic texts."

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