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COSMIC TRIP MACHINE / OG - The Woman Who Took - A Flying Leap Over The Fence 
COSMIC TRIP MACHINE / OG- The Woman Who Took - A Flying Leap Over The Fence     
DLP   400 black vinyl
DLP   100 ltd. colour vinyl
Nasoni 124 B
Nasoni 124 C
( 2012 )
( 2012 )

One album... Two visions...  (The Woman Who Took) A Flying Leap Over The Fence is a double concept album which traces a dream from beginning to end. Following a disagreement over the kind of mix, oG and Will Z. (with the help from Majnun) decided to create their own version of the record. The originality and the weirdness of the concept set this album apart from oG and Cosmic Trip Machine other works. The two albums are really different and made without compromise. So, now, you just have to choose your flavor! Featuring artwork by Marijke Koger. Double-LP incl. 2 CDs, 33 great songs

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