LP   300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl with insert
Nasoni 174 C
( 2016 )

Comeflor is a heavy rock trio with psychedelic airs, which continues the saga published by 'Nasoni records', as Tlön and Tortuga, edited by the label and created by guitarist, singer and composer Christian Van Lacke. This time assembled in Argentina with Marcos Rocca on bass and Dano Digón on drums. Comeflor gives us seven tracks with much riff and soundscapes, within a defined style , reminiscent of the old South American rock groups , keeping alive the tradition of bands like 'Pescado Rabioso' ,'Color Humano' , Pappo's Blues, 'Wara' and 'Tarkus' to name a few, and giving continuity to the sound to the afterlife...

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