CHICKENCAGE EXPERIENCE - an eggspoiltation movie
CHICKENCAGE  EXPERIENCE- an eggspoiltation movie    
DLP   400 black vinyl + DVD
DLP   100 ltd. multi colour vinyl + DVD
( 2012 )
( 2012 )
( 2012 )

Already well known for their musical anachronism the band ‚Polytoxicomane Philharmonie‘ had another go at climbing up the ladder to the Underground.Their singer ‘H.M.Fishli’ met once the Austrian singer ‘MichaeLa Flame’ to dismember completely one instrument which considered itself as a pianoforte in its former life. Free Improvisation was the need of the moment. Thrilled by this idea the girls forced the ‘Gebrüder Schlimm’ (drums, guitar, bass – Polytox. Phil.) and the video acrobat ‘le Düd’ into a small cage and all musical cranky crazy units were documented with microphone and camera. Meanwhile extra-terrestrial creatures like ‘Kroko Redd’, ‘Spacecop Goodbad’ and ‘Agent Froggenstein' tried to undermine the music with a cinema plot. The result was an entertaining music film which pays a genuine tribute to Ken Kesey and Douglas Adams.

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DLP 100 ltd. multi colour vinyl + DVD € 35.00   incl. VAT plus shipping   
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