AX GENRICH & BAND - Fretboard Jungle
AX GENRICH & BAND- Fretboard Jungle    
DLP   400 black vinyl
DLP   100 ltd. colour vinyl
( 2012 )
( 2012 )
( 2012 )

The new production of Ax Genrich & Band comes for the first time on vinyl and on Nasoni Records Berlin. Although Ax played with Guru Guru for only three years (1970-73) his later Solo work will be connected with Guru Guru forever. So he decided to put some old Guru numbers on his new record. A new studio version of 'Samantha´s Rabbit' and a live version of 'Dalai Lama'. The recording was made by Ax Genrich, guitar and vocals, Mario Fadani, bass and Steff Bollack, drums. It contains some experimental stuff like 'Death is for Dying' or 'Amber Suite', some Psychedelic rock numbers like 'Sad Song' or 'Kosmic Phartz', a remake of 'Kosmische Phyrze' from Ax first Solo LP 'Highdelberg', and even a short rock ´n´ roll instrumental, 'Outlook Pretoria'. The front cover is a painting by Thomas Ziebarth, the sleeve design and fotos were made by B7ue and the mastering is by Eroc.

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